The changemakers and revolutionaires.

Our members are the pioneers of this revolution, holding space for your remembrance.

We're in the age that Mystics and the Greats spoke about, the age of Aquarius, the golden era of awakening.

Let yourself awaken to your own possibilities, to a new beginning not only every day, but a new beginning for your very soul. At aura, a space of play, release, of zest and joyful friendship is always available to you.

Our loving, tight-knitted community will always try our best in love and acceptance, loving all the best & worst parts of you with zero judgement.

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Join our community, where we will hold space for each other.

We'll love & respect each other, and we'll care for each other.

We'll care for the underprivileged, and we'll care for the environment.
Join us, peace maker!